Playa del Carmen vacations are packed with fun things to do. Spend a day exploring ancient Mayan ruins, go snorkeling or scuba diving off the coast of Cozumel, fly through the jungle on a zip line tour, or take in the sights and sounds of Mexico’s diverse ecosystems at world-class eco parks and nature reserves. Riviera Maya is also home to many quaint towns and communities with cultural attractions.


Playa Car Spa & Golf Club opened its doors in September 15th 1994; carved out of the dense Maya Jungle, the Robert Von Hagge designed 18-hole championship golf course is among the lush foliage of the Yucatan Peninsula and only a few hundred yards away from the crystal clear, turquoise ocean, and the fine white sand of the Mexican Caribbean Sea. Playacar Spa & Golf Club is located in the Playa del Carmen hotel zone Playacar. This magnificent golf course, par 72 with a distance of 7,144 yard is considered the most challenging course in the region. Other services offered are rental clubs, practice range, putting and chipping greens, lockers, showers, clubs storage and golf lessons.

Acheological Sites – Ruins

Playa del Carmen has some interesting Mayan ruins, but if you want to see truly magnificent pyramids you´ll want to visit these sites. Click here to see a list of acheological sites within range of Playa del Carmen.

XPLOR – An Experience Full of Adventure

Xplor is a unique underground world, with 7 amazing circuits that invite you to rediscover your emotions and senses within nature.

Dare to ride our 13 zip lines among the Caribbean’s lively nature and enjoy refreshing water landings and amazing suspension bridges; take a trip through the jungle on unstoppable amphibious vehicles, explore an underground paradise where you can swim surrounded by amazing stalactites and stalagmites, discover a matchless raft route across stunning subterranean caverns while paddling with your own hands, and to complete your feat, a nutritious and light buffet, that will recharge your energy. All this awaits you at Xplor. Click here for XPLOR website. They offer an online discount but must be purchased 3 days in advance.

XCARET – A Day of Unique Activities

Xcaret is a majestic park by the sea that features unique activities, where you have fun while discovering the natural and cultural richness of Mexico. Among its great treasures, in Xcaret you can find underground rivers, a Butterfly Pavilion, a beach, inlets and Xcaret’s one of a kind celebration “Xcaret Mexico Espectacular”. At Xcaret you can enjoy the most amazing water activities such as swimming with dolphins, Snuba, Sea Trek and snorkeling. Visit Xcaret! Click here for XCARET website. They offer an online discount but must be purchased 3 days in advance.


Xel-Ha is bursting with colours you never imagined possible in Nature. A carnival of toucans, macaws, orchids, 75 species of dazzling tropical fish, trees an immodest green, cenotes a gemstone blue. Discover another underwater universe, one weird and wonderful with graceful, gliding rays, darting blurs of surgeon fish, massive schools of glistening silver, wrapping around you like aquatic armour in the Sun.

Xel-Ha is here to open the eyes. To thrill the senses. To nourish the soul. Click here for XELHA website. They offer an online discount but must be purchased 3 days in advance.

Caves & Cenotes – Roughing it

The Yucatan Peninsula is a porous limestone shelf that boasts no above ground rivers or lakes. What we do have, are underground rivers, lakes, sinkholes and caves that snake through the limestone. The caves of the Yucantan were sacred places for the Mayas and quite impressive.

When visiting the caves it is important to ALWAYS enter with a guide.

Holy Waters formed thousands of years ago by rain water filtering through the limestone surface has evolved over time into an incredible paradise under the earth´s surface.

The experts assure us that during the layers of the earth gave way to thousands of stalactites and stalagmite formations, which then as the caverns below the earth´s surface emptied out this then allowed the accumulation and calcification of minerals to be swept down into the earth´s interior by the water.

For the Mayan people the Cenotes are “holy waters” like an entrance to the spiritual under world, as well as the only source of fresh water of the virgin tropical jungle. The jungle has only been explored and exploited for its resin from the tree know as “Chico Zapote” and it is where one can observe on occasion wild animals such as deer, spider monkeys, wild board, the “tejon” and wild turkey. You may also see iguana and birds only found in the tropical rain forest.

One can experience diving or snorkeling in these marvelous “holy waters”. Under the earth gravity is minimal and it feels great! The water is crystal clear and if there is a light hole from above the visibility in the water is even better than in the Caribbean sea. It is important to note that there are four different types of cenotes, those that are completely underground, those that are semi underground, those that are at land level like a lake or pond and those that are open wells, like the one in Chichen Itza.