Best Beach Condo In Playa Del Carmen

With so many condos and beachfront villas available in Playa Del Carmen today it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the options. So how do you find the best beach condo in Playa Del Carmen? First of all, anywhere in the centro zone is a great choice and the best option to really feel comfortable while you are on vacation in the Riviera Maya. The two things that a lot of people don’t think about, however are location and amenities.

I have met many vacationers recently staying on the other side of the highway in condos they find on AirBNBbest beach condos in playa del carmen to save some money. This may seem like a good idea since many of these places are only 5 or 10 km from the beach the problem is there is a ton of traffic and it can take you 30 or 40 minutes to get in to town and even longer to find parking. This is why so many savvy vacationers are choosing a location like El Taj Beachfront.  

For only a little more money you can stay in the best location in the center of Playa minutes away walking to the blue turquoise waters and white powder sand beach. only minutes away walking to the best nightlife and dining in the Riviera Maya, Playa’s 5th Ave. Or maybe take a walk to any of the 3 new modern shopping centers to enjoy shopping in style.

After all, you get what you pay for. I know when I first moved to Playa in 2008 I decided to save money and lived in a couple of cheap condos on the other side of the highway. I ended up wasting a lot of time and energy always driving back and forth instead of just living my life in Playa. Now I live right near all the action downtown and it takes me minutes to walk to all the attractions, dining and the beach. Sometimes we ride beach cruisers to explore some of the restaurants across town or to visit a cenote for a cool swim. But mostly we just enjoy swinging in a hammock and listening to the ocean waves with a margarita while the sunsets…