Playa Del Carmen Condo Rentals

El Taj consists of two buildings, one on the Playa del Carmen beach called El Taj Oceanfront and one across the street called El Taj Beachside.  The condos in the beachside are numbered from 301 to 315.  The condos in Oceanfront are numbered 317 to 357.   There is no significance of the condo number other than they are numbered in order.  The number also does not reflect the floor the condo resides, so please be sure to request which floor you wish the condo if you have a preference.

The El Taj Oceanfront is a u-shaped building so when it comes to ocean view the condos at the end of the u-shape will be much better than the condos located in the back of the building. For reference in this article, there are four column of condos. I will refer to column 1 as the column on the beach, column 2 one back from the beach, column 3 one more row back and 4 which is furthest from the beach.  At Buigas Travel we always recommend the condos in column 1 & 2 and then move on to the other columns based on availability.Playa Del Carmen Rentals

Starting with the one bedroom condos.  El Taj was developed more with families in mind than the couple on vacation.  There are no one bedroom condos directly on the ocean.  The best one bedroom condo is condo 341 with condo 327 as a close second, both exist in column 2.  These are considered premium condos and are a little larger in size than the other one bedrooms.  They have great ocean views from the living room and front patio but only 341 has a back balcony with ocean view.  There is no ocean view from the bedroom.  The one down side to these condos are they are on the ground floor.  If your preference is not the ground floor then the next best option is condo 355 or move up to a 2 bedroom.  Condo 355 is in column 4 so the ocean view is minimal but is the only one bedroom with a jacuzzi and is not on the ground floor.

playa del carmen condo rentals

On to the 2 bedrooms.  Condo 343 and 344 are the best two bedroom condos.  They are in column 2 and exist on the second and third floor.  The ocean views are again from the living room, front patio and back balconies.  Condo 328 and 329 are also in column 2 but don’t have back balconies but are great second options if the others are not available for your dates.  There is one two bedroom directly on the beach (condo 332), but has very minimal ocean view.  Outside the master bedroom door sits the massage tables and a pergola and can be very discouraging for being right on the sand.

There are two 2 bedroom penthouses, both are in column 4 and are on the fourth floor.  A penthouse is defined as having a rooftop area directly above the actually condo designated for the condo below.  All penthouses have a rooftop jacuzzi, barbecue and table for dining.  Being in column 4 we make sure the guest is aware that the ocean views are from the back of the building. These are great honeymoon suites.

The very best condos in El Taj are condo 336 and condo 340.  They are 3 bedroom penthouses with direct ocean view from the condo living room, master bedroom and rooftop.  They are simply amazing.  They come with a hefty price tag and I have not had any complaints with any guests who have stayed in these units.  Their are many great 3 bedrooms to choose from, condo 345 and condo 330 are in column 2 and along with the rooftop penthouse are great options.  All the end condos are 3 bedrooms (except for 332) on the beach and have direct ocean views and a jacuzzi on the front balcony.

El Taj has one 4 bedroom penthouse and is located in the El Taj Beachside property.  A huge condo and great for big families or groups looking to stay all in one condo.  This is El Taj condo 302.